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A personalised Luggage Strap in your favourite colour and with your name and phone number beautifully embroidered on it makes travelling more secure and way less stressful.

Finish your holiday or business trip on a high by never wondering “which black suitcase is mine” EVER AGAIN.

Just stand back, avoid the chaos that is the luggage carousel and wait for the best looking luggage to appear gracefully out the shute.

And in the case that your luggage is misplaced a personalised luggage strap allows airport staff to quickly and easily identify it and notify you straight away.


A promotional Luggage Strap in your corporate colours is a great gift and an awesome way to expose your brand to millions at airports worldwide.

With over 160 million people visiting Australian airports in the past year, a promotional luggage strap is a bright, bold and practical corporate gift with a high perceived value that will deliver your brand to a potentially huge audience.

Not only will your customers remember who you are they will love you for a gift that helps them easily identify their luggage at the carousel and reduce the stress of travel.


Your luggage straps are lovingly embroidered in Australia by hard working Aussies.


Safe and Secure Checkout for all customers. Pay by credit card or paypal.


Our quality straps come in assorted colours and are machine-embroidered with a 12 Month warranty.