Personalise your luggage today!

At Personalised Luggage Straps we create machine-embroidered personalised straps with your name and phone number.

Personalised Luggage Straps was started 10 yrs ago by 2 seasoned travellers to help take some of the stress out of travelling.

Arriving at a new baggage carousel either domestically or internationally you always wonder if your bag made it onto the flight ,you then also need to guess” which black suitcase is mine”.

  • 12 Month Guarantee

    That’s right, guaranteed for a full year.

  • Machine Embroidered

    Uncompromising commitment to quality.

  • Assorted Colours

    Find the perfect combination for you!


Personalised Luggage Straps is proudly 100% Australian Owned and operated.


Safe and Secure Checkout for all customers. Pay by credit card or paypal.


Guaranteed for a full 12 months. That’s right a whole year!